The Journal of Validation Technology
Vol. 23, Issue 2, Apr 2017

Drew N. Kelner
Ira S. Krull
Robert J. Duff
Tamer Eris
Over the history of the biotechnology industry, biopharmaceutical companies have expended considerable effort characterizing and tracking the entire suite of product attributes using available technology.
John E. Lincoln
Cybersecurity is a recent concern for the medical products industries, a result of their increased reliance on networked electronic software, records and signatures. Gain a better understanding to better protect your company data.
Melissa Carella
Paul L. Pluta
In case you weren't able to attend these events on 28-30 March 2017, or even if you did, we pulled some key points from top sessions. Reduce costs in validation, effectively manage the process validation lifecycle, educate for data governance, and more.
Ivan Soto
This article will discuss what is data integrity, myths and facts, challenges, and the effective use of CAPA to remediate and close issues and gaps. This article will also provide clarity and understanding about how to define a strategy to ensure alignment with current data integrity requirements.
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