The Journal of Validation Technology
Vol. 24, Issue 5, Oct 2018

October is a lively and fast-paced month for IVT Network. See what has the validation industry buzzing - including event highlights, and the writers you need to keep an eye out for!
Joe Cagnassola, Paul Copus, and Keith Haynes
Development and construction of validation protocols is a critical activity in the validation process. Writing protocols is a comprehensive activity that should involve the entire validation process. This discussion adds important considerations for protocol writing in addition to activities in the general validation “V” model.
IVT Staff
Each year, IVT Network recognizes the top educators in the validation industry at our award ceremony at Validation Week. See who were this years' top movers and shakers.
Laura Puentes
Design control protects patients. This overview breaks down the parts of design control so that your products can meet market specifications.
Paul L. Pluta
This feature will provide a forum for quality and validation professional to discuss their actual work experiences – problems and, more importantly, solutions to problems that may be helpful to other industry professionals.
Yeong-Lin Chen
This article presents four critical elements in medical device process validation systems: process validation regulations & guidances, process validation SOPs, process validation work instructions, and process validation templates.
Paul L. Pluta
Project VMPs provide detailed validation information for a group of related validations or for an individual validation project.
Ivan Soto
In the traditional validation process companies often rely in the creation of protocols for all validation activities regardless of the risk. However, the traditional approach is not very efficient.
Paul L. Pluta, Alan M. Mancini
Despite the apparent simplicity and straightforwardness of like-for-like changes, validation and quality managers comment that they are a recurring and often exasperating sources of problems
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