The Journal of GXP Compliance
Vol. 22, Issue 5, Sep 2018

In the pieces that follow you will encounter papers that will help you overcome roadblocks, identify solutions and implement processes for a successful data governance program.
Orlando Lopez
This paper covers the basic technical elements to assess the risk to the integrity of CGMP e-records throughout the e-records lifecycle.
Scott A. Davis
There are several low-cost ways to improve the security of network data files and, with a little creativity, organizations can go a long way to close the gap on protecting their important files without expending much in the way of resources.
Paul L. Pluta
IVT Network invites you to participate in our newest forum for quality and validation professional to discuss their actual work experiences.
Ratul Saha
Recent advances in culture-independent, DNA sequencing-based technology referred to as next generation sequencing (NGS) and metagenomics analysis now enable us to map, quantify, and characterize microbiomes.
Ivan Soto
This article will discuss the data integrity challenges with spreadsheets and how to implement a strategy that address current regulatory requirements.
Chinmoy Roy
The focus of regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a shift to also include data contamination which is also referred to as data trustworthiness or data integrity.
Joe Cagnassola, Paul Copus, and Keith Haynes
This discussion provides practical hands-on suggestions and examples to facilitate the protocol-writing process for equipment and other applicable qualifications.
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