Institute of Validation Technology Industry Advisory Board

The Institute of Validation Technology is proud to have some the the most intelligent and creative industry leaders on its Editorial Advisory Board. Our Board members are frequent peer-reviewers, authors, and conference presenters.

Editor in Chief - Paul L. Pluta

Samuel Cheemakoti

Harsha Chulki

J. Clark Davies

Alex Delli Paoli

Felicia Ford-Rice

Alan M. Golden

Roberta Goode

Igor Gorsky

Kim Huynh-Ba

Valarie King-Bailey

John E. Lincoln

Paul Lopolito

Alan Mancini

Allan Marinelli

Jeanne Moldenhauer

Brian K. Nunnally

Renee Phillips

Richard Poska

Ratul Saha

Tim Sandle

Ron Schardong

Siegfried Schmitt

Rizwan Sharnez

Ivan Soto

Willis H. Thomas

Steve Thompson

George Verghese

Guarav Walia

Richard C. Wedlich

Chris Wubbolt



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