Samuel Cheemakoti

Sam is the GMP Head at Beiersdorf for the Coppertone Division overseeing GMP compliance of its computer and automated systems. Sam has held positions of increasing responsibility at various Pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Merck and Schering Plough in the areas of Computer Systems Validation, IT Compliance, and Quality Assurance. As a Quality leader with 20+ years in the industry with a demonstrated ability to produce and deploy Part 11 and Data Integrity remediation programs, validation programs, quality systems, strategic initiatives for Quality and Compliance especially under conditions of consent decree, acquisitions and divestitures has lent him unique perspectives as a change ambassador and thought leader. Sam earned his MS in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and his Project Management credentials from Villanova University. He more recently completed a course on Digital Transformation : Leading People, Data and Technology from the University of Berkeley under their Executive Education Program in order to gain synergies between the two journeys of Digital Transformation and Computer Software Assurance for Quality. 

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