John McConnell

John McConnell is a Brisbane based consultant with a client roster that extends from Australia to North America, Europe and Africa. He has written four books and co-authored a fifth, the latest being Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which provides unique insights into understanding and reducing variation. John left the Australian Armed Forces in 1982 after more than thirteen years service (Royal Australian Engineers). He became Queensland Manager of Enterprise Australia, the pre-cursor of the Australian Quality Council. In 1986 he published his first book The Seven Tools of TQC, which became popular as a text in both colleges and businesses. In 1987 his second book, Analysis and Control of Variation was published. In January 1987 he founded Wysowl Pty Ltd. This was followed by the publication of Safer Than A Known Way and Metamorphosis. John invited Dr. Deming to Australia in 1988 and ran a four day seminar in conjunction with him. This became an annual event attended by 300 or so business leaders each year until the death of Dr. Deming. John’s own seminars have been held in Australia, New Zealand, France, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and the USA. Perhaps John’s greatest strength is his ability to explain issues such as statistics and systems theory in such a way that people from the shop floor to the boardroom are able to understand and use the concepts. His use of metaphor and parables is especially useful in creating not only understanding, but also impact. He is a gifted speaker who is in high demand because of his ability to capture the attention of an audience, and because his approach actually works.

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