Welcome to IVT's Community, and to April's JVT

Welcome to the April 2018 issue of Journal of Validation Technology! Now in its 24th year of publication, JVT has a proud history and tradition of providing valuable lead-edge information and perspectives to major industry topics. Our journals were originally conceived by a small group of scientists seeking answers to everyday validation problems. Now, JVT and its sister publication, Journal of GXP Compliance (GXP), have readers from all over the globe.

As the regulatory landscape faces uncertainty, it is through our longstanding ties with validation and compliance mavens that we provide the information that is needed most. Many of these experts are members of our Editorial Advisory Board, our latest member being Ratul Saha of Fresnius Medical Care, located in Waltham, MA. Ratul is a Senior Principal Scientist who offers a wealth of microbiology knowledge. Welcome to the team, Ratul!

Readers may not know but IVT Network is based in the Boston area, which is home to the world’s largest cluster of life sciences and biotech companies. Due to this concentration of life sciences professionals in our area, we are going to be partnering with the Massachusetts Bio Pharma Networking Group in the month of May.

It is our always-present desire to engage with the community to create a positive impact for our readers. IVT Network also runs its own events throughout the year,  including the flagship Validation Week event, where we provide in-person education and training to the masses. 

With this month’s edition of JVT, you will notice a wide variety of topics, including a paper by Cliff Campbell remembering the late validation pioneer, Ken Chapman, exploring the fundamental aspects of process validation Chapman developed. In addition, education and training expert Willis Thomas of Akorn Pharmaceuticals shares a piece based on his critically acclaimed presentation, “Educate for Data Governance,” which delves into data integrity and data protection. As a compliment to that is “Ensuring Data Integrity During Validation,” written by none other than the data integrity expert, Ivan Soto of ValGenesis. This issue also has the distinct honor of introducing a special case study on engineering, provided by KNEAT. 

I hope you enjoy what this month’s issue has to offer!

Melissa Carella

Managing Editor, IVT Network

Direct correspondence to: Melissa.carella@ivtnetwork.com


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