Special Edition

Utility Qualification Vol. II

The impact of water on daily activities within the production facility is significant and therefore, the ability to receive and maintain high quality water on demand becomes essential. This volume of IVT Network’s Utility Qualification includes 16 comprehensive articles that will help you address critical issues in utility qualification for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), water and compressed gasses.

Topics will tackle design basics, computerized system software, utilizing gassing systems in laboratories, maintaining quality when outsourcing, and so much more!

Here's a full line-up of what's in store for Volume II:

Biodecontamination of Cleanrooms and Laboratories Using Gassing Systems - Tim Sandle

Validation and Assessment of Computerized System Software in a Pharmaceutical Facility - Tim Sandle

The HVAC Process: Changing the Properties of Air - Alexander Delli Paoli, Jr.

HVAC Considerations for Compliance I–Design Basics - Alexander Delli Paoli, Jr.

Risk Consideration for Aging Pharmaceutical Facilities - Tim Sandle

Using QRM to Assure Lifecycle Process, Equipment, and Facility Improvement - Richard Friedman

Microbiological Assessment of Compressed Gases in Pharmaceutical Facilities - Tim Sandle

Sanitization of Pharmaceutical Facilities - Tim Sandle

FDA, USP, and the 503B Outsourcing Facilities - Scott Sutton

Compendial Water Storage Systems - William V. Collentro

Compendial Water Systems—Proactive Preventative Maintenance Part I - William Collentro

API Pharmaceutical Water Systems Part II: Water System Validation - Mary Sexton

The Rouging Effect in Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Causes and Strategies for Prevention - Tim Sandle

Control of WFI and Clean Steam Systems for Bacterial Endotoxins - Tim Sandle

Ensuring Sterility: Autoclaves, Wet Loads, and Sterility Failures - Tim Sandle

Maintaining Quality When Outsourcing - Tim Fields

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