Microbiological Risks Associated With Pop-Culture Trends - Podcast Episode

Throughout history humankind has found ways to modify and adorn themselves allowing for unique identification within their tribe, or society as a whole, and taken comfort in shared activities with kin.  This has never been more popular than it is today with adornments such as various piercings, tattoos, nail and hair extensions, tanning and more being part of the current pop-culture. Vaping has also found favor with this demographic, and while all of these things may pose health risks to the individual, we must also consider the risks which may be inherent to some of these trends. On this episode of Voices in Validation we will speak with Dr. Tim Sandle about the potential risks to cleanrooms and laboratories posed by some of  these fads.

Resources from today's episode:

Blog Post from IVT Network: Microbial Contamination Concerns Linked With E-Cigarettes And Vaping Products

Article appearing in the Journal of GXP Compliance: Alternative Risks To Cleanrooms Presented By People: Tattoos, Piercings, Sunbeds

FDA Resource: FDA (2019) Think Before You Ink: Are Tattoos Safe?


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