FDA 483 Responses—Compliance Considerations | IVT


The following key points are discussed in this article:

  • US Food and Drug Administration current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) provide fundamental requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • The FDA 483 is the official recording of FDA investigator observations from an FDA inspection
  • An inadequate inspection response is the primary reason for warning letters being issued in 2008
  • FDA’s Anita Richardson (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) discussed topics associated with writing an effective Form 483 response at the 5th Annual FDA and the Changing Paradigm for HCT/P Regulation conference in January 2009
  • Responses to FDA 483s are not legally required; however, responses are strongly recommended
  • Responses may mitigate an FDA compliance decision for further action
  • Responses demonstrate understanding and acknowledgement of the observations
  • Responses demonstrate a commitment to correct or voluntarily comply with corrective actions
  • Responses establish credibility with FDA
  • Failure to respond, inadequate responses, or failure to adhere to promised corrective actions make a firm susceptible to aggressive regulatory or legal actions by FDA such as product seizure, legal injunction, and other actions
  • After an inspection, an action plan should be quickly developed to address each observation
  • Effective responses should include a commitment statement from senior leadership, should address each observation separately, should provide corrective action accomplished planned, and should be specific, complete, realistic, and deliver on commitments
  • Effective responses must be timely, include timeframes for correction, verification methods, monitoring of corrections, and supporting documentation
  • FDA has implemented a Warning Letter Close-out Program
  • The Enforcement Story, Fiscal Year 2008 summarizes FDA compliance activities during 2008 and provides useful statistics
  • Firms should be very familiar with their incoming materials and product supply chain
  • Firms should fully understand the interactions of the processes and systems that impact quality, safety, and effectiveness of their products
  • As part of responding to FDA 483 observations, firms should also assess their general internal compliance programs—Why were 483 deficiencies not detected internally?
  • FDA 483 observations may be caused or intensified by inadequate audit management (i.e., logistics, timelines of responses, documentation retrieval, etc.) as well as soft “people” skills.

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