Contamination Control and Sterility Assurance for Compounding Facilities

Sterility testing and environmental monitoring are necessary in the compounding pharmacy, but many facilities have differing approaches to the task. These facilities need to be in a state of control that does not contribute contamination, especially microbial, to in-process materials that are to be rendered sterile. Any contamination that does occur must be thoroughly investigated, which is often time consuming, causing potential delays in production, and possible impact to patient care. 

Take a listen to this episode where we speak with Dr. Ross Caputo about designing a validation process, the limitations in sterility testing, and the potential testing failures and contamination sources, plus best ractices for developing an effective environmental monitoring program and the tools and methodolgies needed for accurate data analysis.

Plus a special bonus - take a closer look at maintaining a high level of control over aseptic processes, the importance of trending and analyzing data, staying ahead of microbial contamination and more. Our listeners may downoad this FREE white paper - courtesy of Eagle. "Environmental Monitoring and Why it Matters."

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