Special Edition

Computer and Software Validation

Computer and software validation practices are evolving quickly with the emergence of virtual networks, cloud computing, SaaS and social media. The urgency of securing data integrity and complying with global regulations has never been greater.  This industry publication aligns current global regulations and best practices delivered by industry experts.

Computer System Validation—Definition and Requirements
Sharon Strause

Computer System Design
Robert Smith 

System Design and Control
Robert H. Smith

The Nine Most Common Computer Validation Problems: Identify Frequent Deficiencies to Accelerate Your Validation Projects
Frank Houston

Accurately Identifying Your Requirements—Will Any Computer System be Right for You?
Janis V. Olson

Computer Systems Quality and Compliance vs. Software Validation
Barbara Nollau

Computer Systems Change Control
Farhad Forozesh

How to “Right-Size” Computer System Validation Based on Criticality and Complexity
Frank Houston and Mark Weinglass

Practical Use of Automated Tools in Computer System Compliance
Jae Burnett

Selecting and Partnering with a Vendor for a Qualified Software Product

Sharon Strause 

Information Security–A Critical Business Function
Robert Smith

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Barbara Nollau

System Definition: Defining the Intended Use for a System
Robert  W. Stotz, Ph. D.

Lessons Learned in a Non-Regulated Software Validation Project
Brian Shoemaker, Ph. D. 

Computer Validation in the New-Clear Age
Jacques Mourrain


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