The 2020 IVT Awards a Virtual Success!

As the publisher, and managing editor, I am proud to be a part of the IVT Network overseeing two highly respected peer-reviewed journals. The content created each month is timely and professional, with a true impact on the regulated life sciences industry.

Together with the staff at IVT Network, as well as our Editorial Advisory Board, we are humbled to announce the winners of the 2020 IVT Awards. These awards truly are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our authors and our peer reviewers. IVT is proud to work with professionals dedicated to providing innovative and timely education to the industry.

Nominees are selected by their peers, based on journal articles, podcast guest spots and of course sustained contributions to the industry, which have been integral to our network throughout the year. Selected by their peers, winners are those with the highest feedback ratings readers and listeners.

Congratulations to the 2020 IVT Award winners:

2020 Author of the Year – Journal of GXP Compliance

The recipients of the 2020 Author of the Year Award for the Journal of GXP Compliance are also a trio who delivered a thought-provoking and very timely manuscript, “COVID-19 and the Need for Robust Risk Control Strategies – Can ICH-Q9 Help?” Because of the importance of the topic, and a need to further support research and studies around the current pandemic, IVT Network made this available for public viewing. Led by Umit Kartoglu a medical doctor with a doctorate degree in public health. The authors are experts in risk-management and learning principles in the GMP space. The winner is…

Umit Kartoglu, Kevin O’Donnell, James Vesper

2020 Author of the Year – Journal of Validation Technology

The winners of the 2020 Author of the Year (JVT) are also a trio that collaborated on ground-breaking work in the article “Effective Knowledge Transfer During Biopharmaceutical Technology Transfer.” Led by Marty Lips who has 25 years’ industry experience and 12 years’ experience in Knowledge Management, currently working in KM at Merck. The group are all affiliated with the Technological University Dublin. Congratulations to…

Martin Lipa, Paige Kane, and Anne Greene

2020 Voices in Validation Podcaster Award

The IVT Network launched an industry focused podcast called Voices in Validation. The podcast has continued to grow in listeners and popularity each month with more than 1,100 downloads each month. The new Voices in Validation – Podcaster of the Year Award is being presented to an individual who guested on a half-dozen episodes, and by far achieved the most downloads and listens. Put your hands together for a round of applause to…

Chris Wubbolt 

2020 IVT Lifetime Contribution Award

The IVT Network depends on thought-leaders and industry experts for providing the most current topics, emerging technologies and proven best-practices across our journals, blogs, educational videos and podcasts. The IVT Leadership Excellence Award is being presented this year to a professional whose participation is unrivaled. The honor goes to…

Tim Sandle, Ph. D.

2020 Kenneth G. Chapman Award

The Kenneth G. Chapman Award recognizes significant contributions in validation excellence. This award is the most prestigious presented by the IVT Network and is named for the late Kenneth G. Chapman, who was instrumental in developing the guiding principles of many areas of quality assurance, quality systems, and pharmaceutical validation.

This year’s winner has more than 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical microbiology, sterilization, quality assurance and regulatory affairs. She has authored numerous books and publications and has spoken extensively within the industry.

Jeanne Moldenhauer 

Each of these deserving award recipients truly exemplifies the best of the industry, and a sampling of what IVT Network has to offer. Again, we offer sincere compliments to all, and wish to thank each for their collaborative spirit and their contributions to IVT and the industry.

Download the List of Nominees

Review the Awards Ceremony Video

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