Institute of Validation Technology Editorial Advisory Board

The Institute of Validation Technology is proud to have some the the most intelligent and creative industry leaders on its Editorial Advisory Board. Our Board members are frequent peer-reviewers, authors, and conference presenters.

Gamal Amer, Ph.D.
Louis Angelucci
Michael Anisfeld
Dave Barr
Mike Byrd
Alfredo Canhoto
Jennifer Carlson
Pramote Cholayudth
William Collentro
Michael Gietl
Roberta Goode

Eugenie Khlebnikova
Alice Krumenaker
Jerry Lanese, Ph.D.
David LeBlond
John Lincoln
Alan Mancini
Allan Marinelli
Jeanne Moldenhauer
Brian K. Nunnally, Ph.D.
Tim Sandle, Ph.D.
Siegfried Schmitt

Alan Schwartz
Rizwan Sharnez, Ph.D.
Ron Snee, Ph.D.
Sharon Strauss
Scott Sutton
John E. Snyder
Ivan Soto
George Verghese
David Vincent
Karen Zimm, Ph.D.

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