Training in the 21st Century - We Are All in This Together, by Ourselves

What if I SPEND all this time and money to train them and then they LEAVE? - What if you DON’T TRAIN them and they STAY?” -  Widely Attributed

  • Address Specific Weaknesses – Build Skills

A carefully selected professional development program allows you to strengthen skills specific to an employee’s current and future needs. When implemented to allow for external training it becomes a key motivator to elevate the employees overall skill set.  In addition, those who do participate in outside forums are able to benchmark against their peers, thus allowing the company an accurate assessment of progress being made by specific members of the team.

  • Improve Employee Overall Performance

It is simple, any employee who receives training is better able to perform ones job.   There is also the added benefit of building the employee's confidence as they develop a stronger understanding of the industry and the varied responsibilities that go along with it.  A well designed continuous training program also keeps your employees on the cutting edge of industry trends and developments; as the life science industry has never been more in need of employees who are competent and on top of the changing regulatory standards.  In fact, skilled well trained individuals are in high demand and in turn put their perspective companies in a very good competitive position moving forward.

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to”  - Richard Branson

  • Increase Consistency and Decrease Complacency

A finely tuned professional development program ensures that employees are consistent and knowledgeable in the tasks they are performing.  This type of structured program also allows for each employee to receive the same degree of training and have similar opportunities to develop their skills.  Putting all employees through regular training eliminates complacency that occurs when individuals are not continuing engaging in the learning process. The exposure to new techniques and ideas is in fact priceless; it keeps both the individuals and company sharp and well prepared once inevitable change occurs.

  • Employee Satisfaction & Pay Forward

Employees with access to continued education feel that opportunities to grow internally within the company do indeed exist.  In addition, each time they participate in a training there is a certain degree of satisfaction and accomplishment they feel, and this can go a long way.  The investment in training that a company makes shows all employees that they are not only appreciated but valued as well.  I have heard this time and time again; “companies do themselves a great justice when they institute a solid professional development program.”  With the high degree of attrition going on in the life science industry right now, companies are doing themselves a service by training their own employees.  Whether realized or not they are actually paying themselves forward, as the most effective way to retain solid contributors is to keep them ahead of the ever changing technology that unquestionably exists. To stop the bleeding you must invest in your valued employees so they in turn will invest in you…  

“When you think there is nothing left to improve on, your business dies, for there is no shortage of innovators” Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

  • Be Responsible for Your Own Learning

Companies have a certain expectation that employees should take charge of their own professional development.  Management teams in the life science industry are intent on finding independent thinkers, capable of performing above and beyond what is expected of them.  Regardless of the initial success or failure someone else draws a conclusions on how effective you really are.  That is where the company must step in, as training is ultimately a shared responsibility; together, the question is what can be improved on and, more importantly, how you plan to execute the task.

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