Lab Equipment Checklist to Avoid Contamination

Contamination to a laboratory can feel like a plague. Laboratory contamination can lead to serious implications including major observations, warning letters, facilities being shut down, product recalls, loss of product batches, and loss of trust with a company.

Many times, contamination occurs due to personnel not being trained properly and a lack of proper techniques to thoroughly conduct investigations. Other times, the problem is with the actual equipment. Not sure where to start? Use the below checklist to navigate your next laboratory equipment inspection.

Lab Equipment Checklist

  • Incubators- PM/Cleaned, Segregation
  • Fans- Checked for dust/mold?
  • Racks- Cleaned?
  • Transport containers- Dedicated?
  • Pipettes- How handled? Dedicated? Cleaned?
  • Media/Reagents- Control plates kept at room temp./discarded at end of day?
  • Is media pre-incubated?
  • Particulates- Ex. Lab coats, glass (pipettes)
  • Lab Water System PMs
  • Water Baths-Cleaned, treated?
  • Wipes- Sterile vs. non-sterile
  • Expiration Dates

After these pieces of equipment are inspected, you should then inspect the environment of your lab and pay attention to climate controls, incubators, frequency of room cleaning, and any other aspects of your facility. Knowing the frequency of the room cleaning and how the room is treated (such as with a sporicide), can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Having your team look out for these, as well as being adequately prepared for investigations, will ensure that your laboratory is at a low risk for contamination. 

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