Validation Week

2017 Awards Ceremony: And the winners are...

We are pleased to announce the winners of the annual IVT Network's Award Ceremony, which took place on day one of Validation Week, held October 17-19, 2017 in Philadelphia. IVT Network acknowledges the tremendous commitment these professionals have towards providing cutting edge and timely education to the industry. 

Below are the award winners with links to their most recent work. 

2017 Author of the Year - Journal of Validation Technology 

John Lincoln

J.E. Lincoln and Associates LLC

What is Data Integrity and Why is it Important? V 23 #1

Cybersecurity – Buzzword or Serious Safety Concern? V 23 #2


2017 Author of the YearJournal of GXP Compliance

Tim Sandle

Bio Products Laboratory Limited

Biodecontamination of Cleanrooms and Laboratories Using Gassing Systems V21 #1

Matrix Approach for the Qualification of a Pharmaceutical Facility Autoclave V21 #4

Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Current and Future Challenges V21 #4


2017 Speakers of the Year

Ivonne Ramos


Chinmoy Roy

Freelance Consultant, formerly of Genentech


Kenneth G. Chapman Award

Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell Consulting Ltd

Process Validation - Problems and Recommendations: An Interview with Cliff Campbell


Notable mention for our nominees:

Willian Porter

Ira Krull and Drew Kelner

Binbing Yu, Harry Yang, Pin Ren

Jeanne Moldenhauer

Richard Wedlich

Christine Kiehlhorn

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